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Program Objective:
As a new publication aimed at first generation Hispanics in an underserved market, Rumbo needed to establish and ramp up readership and distribution in Texas.

Services Provided:
EH developed the strategy and activities to drive readers’ engagement and to drive retail and household distribution in 4 key markets in Texas: Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Rio Grande Valley. Services included:

  • Field Activation
  • Retail Distribution
  • Household Distribution

Field sampling:

  • A year long field program was implemented and included sampling, events, and retail merchandising activities.  The program reached out to prospect readers building awareness and prompting product trial. Field activations were also leveraged to gather consumer insights.
  • Results:
    • 563,567 samples were delivered in 4 markets with a crew of 11 teams x 8 members per team.
    • Recall of the newspaper was 16 to 20 percentage points higher as a result of field activation vs. mass media efforts.
    Rumbo Recall SAT HOU RGV
    3 month recall 81% 50% 84%
    How did you learn about Rumbo
    Mass media 42% 40% 51%
    Free sample 58% 60% 71%


  • EH lead the effort to penetrate independent retailers to carry Rumbo.
  • Results:
  • In just 3 months, EH secured distribution of the publication at more than 3,500 retailers including convenience stores, gas stations, ethnic restaurants, beauty salons, bus stations, gift shops, and other retailers
IN-STORE Positive Negotiations
Houston 1,323
San Antonio 578
Austin 855
Valle 808
Total 3,564

Household Distribution

  • EH identified key Hispanic prospect areas, planned routes, and effectively delivered Rumbo copies daily’s run.
  • Results:
    • Through this program, EH ensured daily distribution at 64,000 Households. More than 9.8M copied were delivered in year 1.
HH Distribution Positive Negotiations Positive Negotiations
Houston 26,000 3,774,798.00
San Antonio 14,000 2,283,900.00
Austin 10,000 1,701,444.00
Valle 14,000 2,054,630.00
Total 64,000 9,814,772.00