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Our programs arise from integrated solutions rooted in culturally-relevant insights that drive engagement across multiple touch points…..


iecimg….. to move consumers from consideration to purchase, repurchase, and advocacy.

  • Strategy: Culture-inspired – results-focused!
    • We identify market opportunities aligned with your business goals
    • We build campaigns rooted in powerful and compelling insights.
    • We develop and implement non traditional engaging solutions.
  • Superior Selection and Training Leads to Superior Implementation and Results
    • Recruiting:
      • Promoters are carefully selected from our network in alignment with the the brand so they can be  true to the brand promise
      • Fully bilingual
    • Training:
      • One on one training before all implementations, including brand background, benefits, and character.
      • Sales training including how to approach consumers, persuasive communication, sales maximization.
    • Execution:
      • Flawless execution, always supervised, following field strategy
  • Driven by Brand Results
    • We are fueled by achieving business results for your brand and for that measurement and reporting is a key area of focus in our operation.
    • We leverage technology to provide real time understanding of impact to our brand